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T's & C's

Terms & Conditions including Returns Policy:

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and Your Personal Information

The information we ask you to provide us (such as your contact details) is required so that we may fulfill our contract of sale with you as stated in Article 6 (B) of the GDPR.

We ensure that the data is adequate, relevant and limited to what is necessary in relation to the purpose of which it is being processed as set out in Article 5 (C) of the GDPR.  It is not used for the purpose of advertising (unless you give your prior consent) or passing on to third parties.  Any of your personal information we do hold is protected as required by law and any stored data will be held for the purpose of our compliance with any legal obligations to which we are subject as stated in Article 6 (C) of the GDPR. 



Made to Order items:  Because some products are manufactured to order - as per the details provided by you, we are unable to accept cancellation or any extra costs that may be incurred once manufacture has commenced, due to errors provided by you at the time of placing your order or subsequent specification changes.
Therefore when you receive your confirmation email after ordering, please thoroughly check all details including sizes/colours/finishes etc. 

Important:  Before ordering please ensure the items you are interested in will in fact fit into your home though an easily accessible entry point.  If you are unsure, feel fee to contact us to discuss any concerns.  In the case of made to order items, we will not be able to refund you simply because the product(s) are too big to fit though your door or hall way.

Approximate Order times:  The length of order times quoted are approximate and to be used as a guide only. They are based on what our suppliers quote us.  Please understand that although we will endeavor to get your products to you within the quoted time frame, very occasionally due to matters out of our control, items may be delayed.  We will ring you the same day your items arrive here and are checked off.  At this point we will offer you one of our next available delivery slots.  If for any reason you are not ready to receive your goods when ready for delivery, we can store your items free of charge but we do ask for full payment upon this request.

Delivery Times:  As with the order times, the delivery time slot you are quoted is a guide only, however we often work with our customers if they have any time restrictions so please discuss any issues during the booking-in procedure.  Our delivery drivers are always happy to give you a call 20 minutes before they arrive if that helps.

Free Delivery and Set Up:  Free delivery applies to any orders over £150 within a half hour radius of our store.  We deliver anywhere in Lincolnshire for Free on orders over £500 and we also offer Free delivery to Postcodes:  DN, NG, LE & PE on orders over £1500.  When we deliver your items we will always build / assemble them in the room of your choice and remove all packaging (We prefer to unwrap and assemble any items delivered so that any issues with damages / missing items can be identified as soon as possible) unless you have chosen the Doorstep Delivery service in which case all items will be delivered to your front door only by a courier service, it is your responsibility from that point so please check items thoroughly BEFORE SIGNING for them.

Delivery Procedure:  Once all the products you've ordered are available (see individual products for approximate ordering times) we will contact you immediately via the details you have provided us (Please double check your telephone number upon entering).  At this point we will offer you the next available day(s) for delivery and agree on a convenient delivery time frame in which to arrive at your address.  This is usually anywhere between a 1 - 4 hour window.  If we are running late for any reason we will contact you via telephone ASAP before the end of your delivery time slot.  We understand that you yourself may have a busy schedule and so we will do our very best to work around any commitments you may have, such as "The School Run" or a Dr's Appointment for example.
Due to the size / weight of some items, upon our arrival please ensure that any young children or pets you have are temporarily confined to another room so that we may deliver your products safely and unhindered.  Please ensure that the intended route through your property to the desired location is clear of obstructions, such as Door Streamers, Children's toys etc.
It is our policy upon delivery, to ensure there are no damages and the items are what you ordered.  Please thoroughly check these before signing for the delivery.  If you have any concerns, this is the best time to raise them.  Finally, you will be asked to sign and date a delivery note before we leave, taking all original packaging with us upon your request.


Colour / Grain Variations: Please be aware, with any product(s) made from a natural material such as wood, no two pieces will be identical in respect to their grain, pattern or colour.  This is often considered a desirable quality by customers who buy real wood items.


Upholstery (Chairs, Sofas, Suites etc.)

Pile Pressure: This is where fabrics with a longer pile or a high sheen will experience some shade variance - particularly where the users sit.  Once this has happened it may appear that these areas have changed colour.  This is not the case, rather the light in the room is simply meeting those fibres at a different angle – just like when you hoover your carpet one way or the other (it can appear to be different shades).  Regular care such as gently brushing with a suitable appliance can bring the look closer to how it was when new.  Alternatively if concerned about this, then perhaps choose a fabric with a shorter pile or matt finish.

Seat Compression and Fabric / Leather Stretch: This is where the seat cushions and outer covering on your product(s) will naturally soften once you have used them for a while.  It can be likened to how a new pair of leather shoes have to be “worn in” before they become comfy.  It is a quality that is considered during the design and manufacturing stages of your product and therefore is nothing to worry about, but might be something to keep in mind when purchasing.  To help with this you should try and use all the seats evenly to avoid differential wear, and regularly rotate and flip the seat/back cushions where possible.  Note; fibre seat cushions are very soft and comfy but will need daily plumping as you would with a feather pillow.

Wooden Frames: Many of our products are wooden jointed, and therefore an amount of creaking or noise during flexing is perfectly normal.


Beds & Mattresses

Settlement: Similar to Seat Compression mentioned above; naturally the filling / foam in your mattress will to a degree compress beneath the user’s body weight and this can become apparent within as little as one to two weeks.  Different mattress fillings compress to various extents and therefore some mattresses will have greater or lesser settlement than others.  In any case this process is an indication of a “good quality mattress working as it should” as stated by the National Bed Federation, and it is due to settlement that manufacturers and retailers alike, recommend that you regularly turn your mattress and flip it (if dual sided) in order to even out the compression and maximise its usable life.

Memory Foam and other foams: Once we have delivered your product it is recommended to leave it uncovered in a well ventilated room to allow any manufacturing odours to disperse, for as long as possible.

Mattress Returns: Due to hygiene reasons, we cannot accept mattress returns once delivered and unwrapped, unless there is a genuine manufacturing fault.  We do not offer a trial period where you can return your mattress simply because it doesn’t suit your requirements.  Due to this fact we strongly urge you to visit one of our stores rather than "buying blind" without ever testing them out.  When testing a mattress we advise to fully lay on each model for several minutes - rather than just sitting/bouncing on the edge (Which you should never do to any mattress as this can void the manufacturer’s warrantee) to gain the best idea of how they feel, before you reach any decision.  If you are not entirely sure that a particular model is for you, then we urge you not to purchase one until you’ve had some time to reconsider.



VAT Exemption: Items deemed as mobility aids may be exempt from VAT due to you being chronically sick or disabled.  By providing us with your medical diagnosis at the checkout you are claiming relief from VAT on any items indicated as being exempt from VAT under Group 12 of the Schedule 8 VAT Act of 1994.


Ex Display / Customer Return Items

Normally sold with our 6 months retailers guarantee, (unless otherwise stated).  The manufacturer’s warranty will have started when we received delivery of the item(s), so may be partially or fully expired upon your purchasing, so please enquire for further details.

Please Note: Any items described as Ex Display or Customer Return(s) may have some degree of wear or damage.  We will list any obvious faults we are aware of in the description of the products, but the discount off the RRP on these items is given because they are not new - flawless items.


Returns Policy - General

Our Duty:  It is our responsibility as a Retailer to ensure any products sold to you are:

  • As described
  • Of satisfactory quality, eg safe, in working order, free of defects (unless clearly indicated prior to sale).
  • Fit for purpose - capable of doing what the customer has asked for.

The Consumer:  Upon delivery of any items we ask that you thoroughly check them to ensure they:

  • Match the details of that which you ordered eg. Size, Colour, Specificity etc.
  • Are undamaged as far as you can tell from all visible angles.
  • Operate as they should eg. doors open and close properly, actions move freely etc.

It is your right as an online consumer to cancel any order within the first 14 days after receipt of any items and receive a full refund in the following 14 days after we receive the items back from you. Returns must be sent to our head office in Alford (see below) and received in the same condition (undamaged/unsoiled) and wrapped/boxed as they were delivered to you. To notify us of a cancellation request please contact us in writing via email address: mail@askewsfurniture.co.uk  or  by post to:  Askews Furniture, West Street, Alford, Lincolnshire.  LN13 9DU quoting your original order number.

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